Monday, November 16, 2015


If you can only manage one skin care product, before, during, or after life with cancer, then it would have to be Josie Maron's 100% Pure Argan Oil. It comes in several sizes to accommodate your needs (travel, fitting into your medicine chest, purse size) as a pure oil. And during cancer, as well as before, this is my go-to favorite one product. It works beautifully with other products in my arsenal of hydrating cosmetics, but this one is a winner.

I admit you need to get past the notion of it being an oil. For some people, this would be a game stopper. But truly, this oil works perfectly on all skins, from dry like mine to oily, like one of my friends who finally decided to try it.

But for the purposes of dealing with hydrating during cancer, because your entire body becomes very dry, feet and fingers crack, this oil is the perfect solution, before, during and after cancer treatment. I use it on my entire body. And you have many product options for use. I love the serum and use it before the oil as a base. Love it.

A wise marketer of a smart product, Josie Maron offers online specials, so always check there. And QVC when Josie is on the program, offers many unbeatable bargains. In addition, always check on her website for holiday specials. These are seasonal only offers in limited quantities, so you need to shop early.

I promise you will fall in love with her hand cream. A starter sample kit is a good way to find your favorite fragrance, or perhaps you will just like unscented.

But, and I repeat this, you can do everything for your entire body with just the argan oil. I use it on my face, and then rub the extra on my hair. When I was bald, it was Josie's oil that began my hair regrowth. The only place I needed a more intensive healing treatment was my feet, but that is truly yet another post.

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