Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sharing My REIKI Story

Allie and RJ at neighbor's farm
Although I have experience with yoga and mediation, my introduction to reiki began with my cancer journey to wellness at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, in the Abramson Cancer at the Perelman Center for Advanced Medicine in April 2012. At the onset of my first protocol to treat Non-Hodgkins Follicular Lymphoma, I was asked it I were interested in meeting with a reiki master. My history of openness to and success with stress reduction using alternative healing practices made me a natural to try reiki. I continue to seek reiki sessions during my chemotherapy cycles, and I have always had significant benefit. 

But on admittance to HUP for a fourth (salvage) option with RICE and a potential Stem Cell Transplant to defeat NHL's transformation to Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma, reiki also transformed with the appearance of a new reiki master, Vincent Gilhool. My first session (12-11-12) transported me with physical sensations heretofore unknown. I always feel a lift, as if my body floats, but yesterday it contained a gentle rocking sensation, in suspension. All parts of my body experience the sensation of interaction with the energy force, creating an alternating pressure and lightness of being. Mentally, I always participate in aspects of a journey to another place, and they are as varied as the climate. Going into a session, I have no preconceived notions of what I desire or expect. I just willingly suspend my disbelief and enter, at one with the mind-body connection. Yesterday, my upper BP number dropped from 156 to 115 after reiki. I returned with an inexplicable sense of quietude within and energy outside. Definitely oxymoronic, but definitely what happens. 

Pole Dancing at University of PA Hospital
Mr. Gilhool said that my benefit level is both high and unusual, so what I describe, albeit far-fetched sounding, is simply my story. I should add that in 1980 I underwent thyroid needle biopsies, a procedure that requires anesthesia. I opted for meditation and brought Dr. Jan Fergus with me to "bring me back." My biopsies were done successfully, and the physician later contacted me to discuss the process and benefits of my experience. 

Today (12-12-12), another transformative session. I felt like the healing hands of God were reaching out to me. It began with my eye, which was irritated, uncomfortable, a likely chemo-related side effect. I could feel the pull of the eye without it moving, and sensed the irritant slowly removed. My experiences are always very visually colorful, but today, a whiteness enveloped my inner being, and as Mr. Gilhool moved toward my Smart Port and chest (another unusual aspect was sensing his presence; I usually disconnect from my reiki master during a session), I saw thin black laminate shards of edgy irregular shapes move from my chest into the white light, adding shades of grey. Metaphorically, you could make a case for a cancer metaphor, but on the level of being inside the moment, it felt as if a higher power was guiding healing hands, bringing me to wellness. 

Friends make all the difference in beating back cancer!
If the RICE regimen works, I will give much credit to my oncology team, Dr. Sunita Nasta, Annie Berkowitz, Bernadette along with Dorethea, their secretary. And I will laud the UPenn Medicine teams on Rhoads 7, 6 and 3, which like all of Penn Medicine, is second to none. But I will always also believe that the day the hands of God reached inward was the true beginning of my journey to wellness. Time will tell. 

A Postscript:
RICE did work, and for about 2 weeks my tumors had virtually disappeared. Then, unfortunately, they found an escape mechanism and returned. I am currently undergoing treatment with an off-market use of Gemcitabine and Oxaliplatin. I remain totally optimistic that this regimen will work and I continue to receive amazing benefit from reiki sessions. 
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  2. Good going, RJ! The fight with cancer is not easy. It's going to be a long and rough journey. Reiki is not completely the cure, but it will help you emotionally, spiritually, and mentally in facing your problem. This might be just an alternative form of medication, but it has surely help you. I'm hoping for your speedy recovery.

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