Friday, January 30, 2015

I was not supposed to live.


I was not supposed to live. 

In April, 2012, my Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma needed treatment, but nothing worked. By the second core biopsy in October, 2012, we learned my blood cancer transformed to Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma (DLBCL), an aggressive cancer, terminal if not defeated. Time is not your friend with DLBCL. Nothing worked until the 7th chemo cocktail in January, 2013, when my clock was ticking loudly, and believe me after all the salvage chemo I had, this effort was a shot in the dark, I think. It worked.

The problem with things not working had to do with an uncommon c-myc oncogene, a pathogen in my body that enables rapid cell growth. NOT good for someone with an aggressive cancer. My lymph nodes under my arms were literally softball size. Scary. So, I have two B-cell cancers in my body which is just bad luck, plus the c-myc oncogene. A triple threat.

I think if I can beat cancer, almost anyone can, given you do not get an always-terminal cancer diagnosis. How did I do it so far. YOU! Without you and your daily support, your "likes" and your comments (I treasure them) and your PRAYERS, (would be lost without them), and gifts (visits, card showers, and thoughtful things, soul food for a cancer fighter), it would have been a hard haul. YOU make the difference EVERY DAY. Early on, I faced how much time I would have if nothing worked, and what death would look like. And then I lived. I am one determined person who always believed I would be cured and given some more time, and I have great plans to do good with that time, God willing. God bless all of you for helping me everyday on my journey to wellness. I love you all! YOU keep me strong.


Originally posted to Facebook as BEATING A TRIPLE THREAT on March 16, 2013. It received to date the most likes and comments of anything I have ever posted, anywhere. I am venturing into blogging again and wanted this to be my "first" post on my blog, After Cancer. I am still grateful to all of you for giving me the gift of life.

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