Wednesday, July 21, 2010

White Light, Prayers, and Facebook

I believe in the power of prayer--and love, friendship, positive thinking--to heal. So when I faced several difficult days with my mother's unexpected hospitalization and impending surgeries for both of us, I turned to my social network on Facebook. And in an overwhelming and wonderful way, my friends gave me unlimited support. People I knew--from colleagues and friends who offered farm help to my DEN friends miles away at ISTE, BLC10, and DENLC10--all sent me prayers and words of hope that renewed my strength and resolution.

When times are tough, nothing motivates like your network letting you know they care. That's what makes Facebook such a powerful social networking tool. What was so especially gratifying to me was my newer network of llama and alpaca friends who helped me cope. I never imagined how many camelid owners there were, and I think they all exist on Facebook. When Tabbethia Haubold of Long Island Livestock friended me, the camelid community followed. All but a few of them I have met only virtually, but they were a force for the good. The combined efforts of all my Facebook friends helped hold me together.

In the midst of a powerhouse of prayers and well wishes, one person sent me something so surprising, I had to ask her what it was. From Teri Conroy, "the keeper of the farm" (and much more) on Wunsapana Farm and her Farmlife blog, I was sent white light and prayers, which led me to ponder white light. Why did I not know what it was. Where in my Catholic school upbringing of 12 years and my pursuit of things spiritual did I miss white light. So I asked Teri via Facebook what white light was. Her response fascinated me.
Teri Conroy
White light is just like prayer (without the religious tone, I guess). It's good! I bet you notice it more now that you've heard of it! I do prayer and white light....can never have enough of a good thing.
Yesterday, after surgery, I really rested my eye, as per my doctor's orders. My first cataract surgery left me without sight in that eye for 2+ days, and I was terrified during that time. This time I had hoped for--and received--such a better result. As the day waned, toward night, I became anxious. My eye had sight but felt different than it had before. Then I thought of Teri's white light, and reached out mentally and asked for that white light to help. Since I was new to white light, I wasn't sure just what to do with it or how it worked. And as strange as this may seem, I believe that the white light entered my life in that moment. My pain disappeared, and so did my fears. I felt an overwhelming calm. Now that I know it's there, I believe that I will notice its presence in my life much more. And like Teri said, it's a good thing.

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