Sunday, July 18, 2010

The New New

Surviving three days of 100 degrees of heat with the llamas was a challenge; after days of hosing the girls, we installed 3 AC units and now it's all good. Life has returned to normal, but I am left with a reinvented sense of summer ~ a new new. Part of this deconstruction comes from a sense of feeling overwhelmed and just a bit exhausted. The heat is punishing.

But deja vu-esque, the new new returned in a very positive way. It happened as I sat in the Perelman Center for Advanced Medicine, listening to Sunita Nasta, MD, my NHL specialist. Dr. Nasta asked me if I would be willing to participate in an MRI study. Penn Medicine is engaged in a several-year study of lymphoma patients who have not yet undergone invasive treatment for their disease. Although the program would have no direct benefit to me, as it was explained, I agreed to participate. It is really about helping others, and here's where deja vu re-entered. I was told my lymph nodes had not grown sufficiently to be a participant in the study. My news about my blood values and tests was excellent. Not that's what I call a new new. Interesting how our lives as they move forward help us redefine and redirect what normal truly is.

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