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Cancer takes a toll. If you are lucky enough to survive, chances are you had an army of support. Made the right choices. Took control of your wellness. And for me, the most challenging part of the journey, you survive recovery. But that is another post. This post focuses on products I used that kept me hydrated, massaged body and soul, made me just feel better about myself as my body was ravaged with toxic chemicals for over two years.

Before cancer, I used Juice Beauty Stem Cellular products. Ironic, since ultimately an autologus stem cell transplant at University of Pennyslvania Perelman Center for Advanced Medicine saved my life.

If you are a younger person, under 50, I recommend you use Juice Beauty Age Defying Green Apple skin care products.

I chose this product line because it targeted mature skin and was like a daily face lift. And it was PURE, ORGANIC. No fuss. No horrible additives. Just pure organic love for your face. By the end of Year 1 with chemotherapy and no results, I reasoned I was a glow-in-the-dark-toxic waste dump. So I wanted everything else in my life to be wholesome, pure, organic.

Although I did not wear makeup for nearly 3 years, except for visits to Philadelphia because I wanted to put a good face on cancer (another post), I used Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Cleansing Oil. Morning and evening. Massage with your fingertips and just enjoy being inside this moment. I kept this pump in the shower, in one of those up high shelves, protected from the onslaught of the shower. I kept a second pump by my sink for evening cleansing. For convenience, so I didn't need to crawl in and out of the shower/tub. I was a fall risk, in and out of the hospital. But that too, is subject for another post.

I admit these products are expensive. Difficult enough to buy one of anything in this line. But they are so worth it.
For hydrating, a must always but especially during cancer, I began with the stem cellular booster serum. It just glides on and is an absolute wonder. Let it dry before applying the next step, always a must for any product line. This is the first step in your immediate face life. Then, I applied stem cellular Instant Eye Lift. Literally, between the skin booster and the eye serum, you have just achieved a face lift. In a minute or two. In the time it takes to air dry. Watch this video, super short, about the eye serum repair and firming lift.

The next product in your skin care morning regimen is the Stem Cellular Anti-Wrinkle Moisturizer. I love to slather this on my skin. I would apply a first layer. Then make my first cup of coffee, then return and add a second. I have very dry skin, made even less moist by chemo, so a second layer was my added protection, added hydration when I returned to it periodically during treatment.

The Stem Cellular Anti-Wrinkle Overnight Cream. A salvation. My favorite. Sometimes I used it as my second layer for my morning routine. But for night time use, its original purpose, I really slathered this and let it soak in. And it will. Of course, before applying this rich luxuriant cream, you should cleanse you skin again. Let it dry, then apply your PM cream.

It sounds like a lot of work, but we are worth it. Of all the products I've used over the years, always searching for the next best thing, I'm here to tell you this is it.

Try it. You will love it.
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