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Really Beating Back Cancer

Really Beating Back Cancer
North FL Cancer Survivors
Unfortunately, cancer is ubiquitous. At a basketball game last night (both JV & V Boys trounced their opponents, but then we have always been a BB school), I learned of 3 more students having cancer between 2 teams, and of a recent student's passing. Of all the many heartbreaking things we face in life, the ones that wrench my heart most are things that happens to those most unprotected from harm: the very young and old, and animals. Trouble sleeping, yes. And questions without answers. Most haunting, almost a Holocaust syndrome, why did I live. Rhetorical. Why someone like me, older, having a life well-lived behind me. Why are my students afflicted, undergo treatment, and sometimes not make it while I thrive. And the answer I always find is God's Will. His timetable, not mine.

Maximum intensity projection (MIP) of a whole ...Image via WikipediaMy newest PET Scan brought interesting news. Unless it was read incorrectly, some of my cancer "burned itself out." I had not known that was possible without treatment of any kind, but there you have it. Since my cancer is a blood cancer, it can travel, but it did not. At least not yet. So I find myself pondering the why word again. Or perhaps how. It's the how I want to explore. What have I done that may/might contribute to this phenomenon.

Other than fate, luck, God, karma, or just meant to be, I took a good look at how I live. Here's what I found, and I'm not promoting it, just trying to identify what might have made a difference.
  1. I eat almost no red meat. Instead, I consume fish, some chicken.
  2. Love vegetables, especially the calciferous ones, and fresh fruit.
  3. Drink 1 cup of coffee in AM, then switch to tea w/lemon. A regimen of years. Drink lots of water.
  4. Work hard and am very busy. I live on a farm, raise llamas, and learn and teach with high school students. 
  5. Take long walks with llamas and our puppy.
  6. Find peace, contentment, balance, and grounding with farmlife.
  7. Live organically, both with products and perspective.
  8. I don't think of myself as someone who has cancer. I'm too busy to have cancer.
  9. Pray. Never underestimate the power of prayer.
  10. Research, read, take control of your cancer, treatment, options. Explore possibilities.
Other than that, I just keep living. Too much to do otherwise, and no percentage in the alternative. I give much credit to a very supportive husband who takes a whatever is needed approach. And I must say I am an avid reader and researcher of cancer, and speak/write openly about it--and for me--that's extremely healthy. I love to cook and do so from scratch, using healthy ingredients. But mostly, I am happy. I have a totally positive outlook and embrace living, my life, my cancer, and my future.
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