Thursday, December 30, 2010

Walking With God

pink ribbonImage via WikipediaI have a dear friend who has survived breast cancer with no ill effects. Recently, she has been challenged again, not with cancer, but with a painful malady currently being diagnosed and treated. Her sense of spirit and optimism is a beacon of hope. She grounds me, providing a daily role model, since I have the very good fortune of calling her a friend, colleague, and member of our PLC at school. She restores my faith in all things good just by being herself.

In staying connected with her throughout the holidays, I learned a beautiful expression, a sentence actually, from her that I want to share. Regarding the agony of waiting for test results, she wrote
Today, I am going to walk with God and let Him do all the work.
Something so simple, so pure in thought, so quintessentially her, and when you think about the message, I find it unites us in hope. So often we play God, or at least try to manipulate the Deity in doing our work when we really should let Him do it for us.

I too am waiting for test results, but this time without the agony of time interfering with my life. I am going to walk with God, today and I hope every day, and let Him do all the work.

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