Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Cancer Biology Playlist

Krause's EdTech/Tutorials Playlist
Dianne Butler Krause is one amazing tech savvy instructional coach adept in technology integration. When I was perusing her educational wiki, I learned that you could create a playlist on YouTube. Of course, I should have know that already, but I am newer to YouTube, despite its ubiquity. I messaged Dianne to discover how she created this effect, and her answer was a playlist. However, the same interface is not available today.

Click right or left arrows to navigate playlist
There are many ways to aggregate videos, like VodPod, Vimeo, and similar Web 2.0 tools, but a playlist on YouTube for YT videos is easy beezy, so I tried it, and I like it, but with one caveat. To access the list of related videos, you need to click the arrows on the right or left side to navigate to the list.

Here's my current playlist for Cancer Biology. Over time it will grow, and I welcome your suggestions for additions.

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