Saturday, October 16, 2010

I'm Too Busy To Have Cancer!

Really. Truly.

So busy I forgot I even had it--for months.

When teachers at school kept asking me how I was, I didn't make the cancer connection. Even when they asked, "Really" to my "Wonderful-- never been better," I didn't tumble.

Sounds unbelievable, but it's true. I just don't see myself as someone with cancer. This is not escapism, denial, or any other ditzy thing. I just plain forgot about it.

School is busier and better than ever; I absolutely love my classes--I have the best students and cannot remember when I have enjoyed a year more, without exception. Even with the building construction, I have been so fortunate. I'm back in my favorite room, but leaving it for a mid-year relocation to my new permanent room, and it's a beauty. Large enough for my classes to do Project and Challenge-Based Learning in comfort. We are moving to a block schedule, reminding me of my days as the Lucy B. Moses Teaching Fellow, tutoring college juniors in Middle English and Chaucer on the block. With a robust school website, Moodle to organize my students' lessons, and Sapphire, a new student management system, and a great Professional Learning Community for PD, well, I am truly blessed and definitely very happy.

Gold Is Where You Find It

Life on the farm seems almost a blur; a new dog, a new cria, a new automatic Jug Waterer system and a frost-free pump. Can life even possibly get any better. Think not. The GALA Conference ~ The Magic of Llamas is approaching, with a committee luncheon meeting tomorrow followed by a gala dinner for my best friend whose birthday I forgot (gulp...guilty). Tonight dinner from scratch for friends I haven't seen in months of being busy.

At the heart of cancer is a mindset, I suspect. And much luck. Since my last cancer visit early this summer to the Perelman Center for Advanced Medicine, I have, quite honestly, forgotten I have cancer. Not that I was trying; just that I did.

And perhaps that's a good thing. I have been to busy living even to contemplate life's slowing down. I still lift heavy hay bales, still clean 4.5 acres of pastures, still get up at 4:30 AM to do my keeper of the farm thing, then drive 45 minutes to school, where I cannot wait to meet and learn and teach with my students.

When I arrive home, I repeat the feeding/cleaning process, take Allie for a long hour's walk/run, do the dinner thing, grade online...and try to get 8 hours sleep.

See, I told you I was too busy to have cancer.

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