Thursday, October 21, 2010

Gia Pronto

Dining, naturally!
Atrium dining
Interesting art
One of the many pleasant aspects of the Perelman Center for Advanced Medicine is the natural dining eatery at the Atrium level of the Abramson Cancer Center. The food is a la carte, wholesome, healthy and utterly delicious. As you enter the spacious facility, you realize that an intelligent design exists not only in the menu which changes daily, but also in the spacial arrangements. A cosy nook of leather chairs, low, medium, and higher rising tables and chairs. You can choose to eat inside of Gia Pronto, or outside of it, but still inside the building in the Atrium. Very inviting options, and you are surrounded by incredibly interesting sculptures.

Choose from 10 homemade soups, design your salad, select your coffees and teas, or gourmet hot chocolates, or fizzy or flat cold beverages. If you love pizza, Gia Pronto will ruin you forever. Nothing exceeds the pizzas they create, or the way they serve it. You can select the size you want and they cut it to suit. If you love a panini, then Gia Pronto is the place. If you can possibly handle dessert, treat yourself to the highest largest thickest piece of pound cake. My choice: cranberry nut. Delicious.

There is something inviting about all aspects of the Perelman Center; the structure has an openness with glass elevators and glass facades. When you consider that most of the people who enter this building have a serious illness, it always amazes and pleases me that the serenity of the site helps those of us who seek help transcend our troubles, if only for a while.
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