Thursday, October 21, 2010

6th Focus on Leukemia, Lymphoma, Myeloma & Bone Marrow/STEM Cell Transplantation at PC4AM

Every piece of research or information that comes my way via my Google Alerts continues to reinforce my selection of the Perelman Center for Advanced Medicine as the perfect choice for my cancer management. The choice you make for your treatment may just be the single most important decision you ever make, so if cancer visits your family, yourself, or a close friend, my recommendation is to do your homework diligently when selecting a cancer treatment center.

Endless Bests!
My selection was based on awards of excellence, the calibre of the faculty, the fact that Penn Medicine is connected to a university that pursues rigorous research, field trials, and purchases the most technically advanced medical diagnostic equipment. I also wanted a provider of professional development in the cancer field. And I found all this and more at the Perelman Center for Advanced Medicine, a facility connected to Penn Medicine.

I am really excited about the upcoming Blood Cancer Conference at Perelman. You still have time to register; October 25 is the deadline. Click this link to join us for an enlightening experience.
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