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Confronting Cancer

Cutting to the Chase

In this post I am going to suggest you do 3 things to help yourself in confronting cancer, and an extra credit. They appear summarized at the end of this post, so cut to the chase if you want the bottom line, sans frills.

Confronting cancer is an onerous and continuous task. It seems like years ago, not months that my cancer diagnosis changed my life ~ for the better. One of the first online sites I found in user-friendly language was The Cancer Project, and for relevant research and seasonal information, it is simply hard to beat. Each month I receive a newsletter and take to heart things that help me navigate cancer. You can join this community and subscribe to their newsletter by clicking the SIGN UP image. (1)

Did you know The Cancer Project has a growing presence on YouTube, with interesting and helpful videos for the cancer patient and family on The CancerProject Channel. You can subscribe to this channel using your YouTube or Google account. Either way, new "issues" will appear in your channel or Google Reader, or you can check the CPC regularly. (2)

July's issue promotes cancer prevention and survival by "understanding the link between nutrition and cancer." I love their videos because they cut to the chase and give you information you can use easily. Great tutorials that do not under-or-overwhelm. They're just right. Take a look at this short (2:55) How To Grill Healthy Foods.

The folks at The Cancer Project follow up this video with a great article on The Five Worst Foods to Grill. Unfortunately, steak and chicken top the list, but I was surprised to find salmon grilled with skin on also hitting the big 5. For the list to make an impact (and perhaps a change in your grilling choices), you need to know that HCAs are "heterocyclic amines (HCAs), a cancer-causing chemical produced by high heat in many commonly barbecued meats." Simple translation: HCA = cancer-causing chemical. The greater the presence of HCAs in a grilled food, the greater the risk of eating a cancer-causing food. Here's their list:

Years ago, Adelle Davis was a household word as the first lady of nutrition, and she needed no introduction. She was responsible in her era for promoting the notion that you are what you eat, so eat whole foods without additives. We are finally getting back to Adelle's dictum, if only because we are learning that there IS a connection between what we eat and cancer. But that's another post.

Now that you know much of what you love to grill and eat may add to the toxicity of your cancer living within your body, what do you cook and consume? The simple solution: every Monday you can find healthy recipes that will help your beating back cancer if you subscribe to weekly recipes from The Cancer Project. You'll be happy to find ingredient lists and instructions from cancer nutrition experts that will put you on your road to wellness. (3)

What can YOU do in confronting cancer? 3 Things
  1. Subscribe to The Cancer Project newsletter.
  2. Subscribe to The CancerProject Channel on YouTube.
  3. Subscribe to The Cancer Project Weekly Recipes.
Extra Credit

If you love to listen on the go, or you really want to take control of your disease and learn more, check out the Cancer and Nutrition Web Seminars.
You may download ... continuing education Web seminars, podcasts, or PowerPoint presentations. If you have any additional questions or comments in regard to the event, please call 202-244-5038 or write to our events team at
The bottom line: if you want to achieve wellness or improve the quality of your life, YOU need to take control of it. Eating against cancer is a great way to begin.

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