Friday, July 9, 2010

Holding Fast with a Special Package

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If this were a medieval story, I would begin with a year and a day trope. But since it a true-life tale from someone who cut teeth on once upon a time, that's where I'll begin this storytelling.

Once upon a time, long ago and far away in BC time (Before Cancer), like everyone, I had my tough times to handle. I survived, endured, and triumphed by holding fast with an unlikely approach--my horse. I knew something beyond my children needed to focus and root me firmly so I could think, act, and move beyond the trials life handed us. Holding fast with a horse had its benefits; everyday I was outdoors, weather friendly or not. I had my own time and space for reflection, planning, mapping life and legal strategies. For living quietly in sync with my best friend.

Today, I face a different challenge, and an opportunity to grow in a different direction. And I am holding fast with something equally unusual to most, but quite ordinary for me. Her name is Stimulus Package, but I have changed it to Special Package. Both ways, SP for short, and she is what I was searching for. She is quiet, steadfast; a waiter, a walker, a companion who never tires of the attention we share. She is good with total strangers, and although Uncle John is a household word, it is the first time he is meeting SP. If you know llamas, you will appreciate how unusual it is for one to remain kushed down when someone enters, even if gently.

Whether or not we are conquering cancer, all of us at some time in our lives will have to beat back something, find a survival mechanism, something that will hold us fast to the task at hand. It may or not be life threatening, but it could be something that threatens to change life as you know it. Having an anchor helps, whether it is as simple as a song, a book, a TV show or a human helping hand. Whatever it takes, IF you can find and recognize it, you can continue holding fast with a very special package.

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