Friday, July 2, 2010

Laughter IS The Best Medicine!

I found this video from my good friend and DEN GURU Tim Childers on Facebook. It popped into my wall feed at a time when I really needed a good laugh. I love this video so much it remains on my bookmark toolbar, a close click away. Much of what he says we can all relate to, and in the doing, find that deep and continuous laugh we all need. Brian Regan's "Doctor" segment resonates, especially in the pressure segment. It was right after my bone marrow test that I found this clip, and as anyone who had a bone marrow procedure knows, I needed this laugh. You might want to check out his other videos as well. He's one funny guy. Food for laughs.

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  1. Enjoyed the video. Laughter should be one of our main food groups. It releases endorphins and helps with "pressure." I remember feeling that pressure during both my C-Sections. I think it is a synonym for, "This will feel like a little bee sting."