Monday, March 19, 2012

Do Things Scared

At 7 AM and 70 degrees, I had to work outdoors. Three+ hours later, exhilarated but exhausted, I settled down with (very late) morning coffee. Turned TV to The View's Special Tribute to Mentors. I'm not a fan of frittering life away as a couch stuffer, so this way of relaxing was a departure from the norm, but meant to be. Sherri Shepherd's segment was viewing with
Pastors Holly and Phillip Wagner. Pastor Holly caught my attention when she said, "Do things scared." Author of the best seller Warrior Chicks: Rising Strong, Beautiful and Confident, Pastor Holly believes when you are afraid of things happening in your life, you have to do things scared but with faith and hope in God's plan for you that all will turn out well. A breast cancer survivor in remission for 7 years, Pastor Holly serves as an inspiration to those of us with cancer. Her message: rise up strong with a belief in God's plan for you, because "...some battles we choose, others choose us. The world is looking and waiting for a company of women who will rise in the midst of hard times."

The Big C is a scary experience, but sometimes you just have to do things scared, using the fear to work beyond. I'm not looking forward to treatment, if/when I require it, but each day I rise offering my day to God, asking for strength to make wise choices, finding joy in life on the farm, an organically renewing experience, grateful for the gift of a wonderful life, fully lived.

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