Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Remembering Amy

When I remember Amy--and she is on my mind so constantly--I visualize someone who was truly engaged in living fully, wisely, and well. She did everything the rest of us wish we did: ate with the correctness of a science teacher, followed her heart to California, lived ethically, loved nature as a custodian of the future. She spoke fluent Spanish, was an avid outdoor-adventure girl. But what I remember most about Amy was her passion for living the moments of life with such gusto.

She had a laugh that went beyond contagious. I can see and hear her now, in mind's eye and memory, raucously laughing and slapping--her leg, the table--whatever was nearby in her relish for what tickled her fancy.

Amy was the kindest and most motivated person. She helped me mentor a student teacher and was my roommate on a Hawaii, Australia, and New Zealand trip of a lifetime. I learned how truly bad my snoring was when I found her on our balcony in Hawaii one morning--where she had slept the night--but she never complained. She made traveling with students fun. She just made the trip fun at large. She used to come to my room after school, when she was a first-year teacher in our district, and we would chat. I loved those talks. We had so much--and so little in some ways--in common. She was an animal lover, a student advocate, an environmentalist, and a best friend to so many.

Several weeks ago, she didn't beat back her cancer and I miss her, forever. God bless you, Amy. We remember you and your legacy.

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