Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Alex's Lemonade Stand: Fighting Childhood Cancer
Predictions for 2030 suggest that every family will have a family member diagnosed with cancer. Current statistics are frightening. That's a scary statistic, but even more heart rending when cancer attacks children. I shudder when I hear that yet another friend or family member is diagnosed. In our school building alone, we could start a cancer support group, with 2 students and 5 faculty/staff members afflicted with cancer.

Text LEMONADE to 85944 to make a donation
I subscribe to  Alex's Lemonade Stand on YouTube, so I receive each new video in a timely way. With sadness but with equal or more hope, I would like to share the current video, hoping that you will reach into your hearts and wallets to contribute $10 to this important cause.

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