Sunday, May 2, 2010

Giving Thanks

The outreach of affection, compassion, and genuine concern for my welfare has been almost overwhelming. From emails, Facebook, extraordinary care packages and flowers sent under equally extraordinary circumstances from the givers, I have been grateful for your support. From readers on Feedjit, Tweeters, Wall posters and blog commentators to the good old-fashioned and much loved cards with handwritten messages, you have taken such good care of me. You have responded and made me feel your "arms and strength," you have reminded me that I am "not alone," and you have told me "just keep living."

You have been my cheerleaders, and I wonder if you know just how important that is to me, to anyone dealing with a disease. A comment goes a long way; it may seem small to the giver, just a click that says "I like this," but it means so much. Please accept my very sincere thank you for being there for me, for continuing to help me, even when sometimes you might not know the good that you do. You matter, you count, you are the BEST!

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