Tuesday, November 24, 2015

LIFESAVING STRATEGY: You Can Go Back (And Maybe You Should)

I love Christmas. Perhaps because Hallmark holiday movies remind us we can go back. Maybe not to everything in real life, but IF we really want retro enough, we not only can go back; maybe we should. As a cancer survivor, I continue to fight to return to who I was, grab with gusto that life I had. Often, it's the small things I want. Like a pony tail flopping in the wind as I run. That matters. Because it defined me. Before. And now I want normal as I knew it. NOT "new normal." The old normal. The me who was and is becoming her again. In this season of happiness and blessings, I celebrate you with incredible gratitude for giving me the strength and courage to endure and prevail. I am here because of YOU! God bless and keep you. Always.

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