Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Cancer robs you of your dignity. Not all at once. So you need to cultivate mindful awareness. Of your body. Inside.Out. Not looking at what isn't but what is. Realizing your set point within your journey. Celebrating what is, even tiny pieces. Parade them. Like learning to walk again in heels, leaning on my llama. A month later, no tether.

Living with cancer is a series of celebrations. Making memories of moments. And soon enough, you realize you are fighting back. Finding strength in the small. And one day, despite where you have been or what lies ahead, you kick in, Finding.Normal. It shapeshifts, different daily. But each gain gets you closer to the life you had.

And with the help of a true friend, Meg Blue Griffin, I finally got my life back and found normal running a 5K with her, my cheerleader.mentor.coach. A month ago. I'M BACK. 

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