Saturday, April 2, 2011

Wrong Way to Hope

About the Film
There's a right and a wrong way to hope. Please take the 2+ minutes to view this trailer about a story of courage, surviving, and yes, the wrong way to hope. From A Hands On Film comes an indie documentary about a group of young cancer survivors who embark on a journey of a lifetime on the Owyhee River in Oregon. The film is part of the Young Adult Survivor Networking Group and is open to all you adult cancer survivors.

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The documentary is part of a cross Canada tour, but state and local chapters of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society have scheduled viewings with discussion groups. On this site there is also a robust blog filled with important resources and written is a totally user-friendly format with wonderful pictures as well. I wonder why I didn't find this resource before and am grateful to our local chapter newletter and MaryAnn Chupella for providing valuable outreach information.

You just might want to join Wrong Way to Hope (Hands On Film) on Facebook to receive timely updates and to become connected with other people with cancer. I am supported daily by my online family and friends, knowing that making it through is really all about connections to others. Add them as well to your Twitter feed; convenient active icons are clickable on the home page of this well-organized and informative website. It's a new morning, a new day. The sun is shining through the cold northeast, but I'm smiling because I'm still here, and that is always the greatest gift--another day.

Wrong Way to Hope - Trailer from Hands On Films on Vimeo.

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